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I am the Lord, steadfast, justice, righteousness

Humility Incarnate

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997. Three million people showed up for Diana’s funeral on September 6, and it was broadcast around the world. Do you remember … [Read More...]

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Stop Drawing Circles

You can’t have an “in crowd” without creating an “out crowd.” Who do you let into your circle of friends—and who do you exclude? One day in the Army, I arrived … [Read More...]

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Toxic chemo pills sq sm

The Chemotherapy of the Cross

Did you know Jesus died to cure your cancer? It's true. Check out this picture. This is the label on one of my wife's chemotherapy drugs. It's toxic. It's poison. Why would she put poison in her body? Because she needs it to kill a deadly disease. As … [Read More...]


ByFaith Interview about Tangible

This interview with ByFaith magazine editor Richard Doster is a great introduction to the concept of Tangible Theology.  Read the full interview here. The great photos in the magazine were shot by Stephen Voss. In his new book “Tangible” (NavPress, … [Read More...]


Especially Eternal Suffering

The gospel should compel us to move out into the world, addressing both earthly and eternal suffering. But we so often choose one over the other. The danger of splitting the church's mission like that is explained powerfully in this excerpt from John … [Read More...]