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How Pro-Life Are You?

My atheist aunt once told me: “If you Christians are going to be against abortion you better be willing to adopt those children!” She’s absolutely right. It … [Read More...]

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Book Endorsements

bridge 2

Daily news reminds us that our world is full of suffering. Chris helps us understand the suffering of others, and shows clearly how mercy, shown by deeds of love, often brings others to know God. Leslie Bridge | Cru

loconte 2

In this challenging and relentlessly practical book, Chris Sicks charts an apologetics of mercy that anchors all social ministry in the gospel message of forgiveness and life in Jesus Christ. Joseph Loconte | The King's College | The Searchers

frame 2

Our faith is based on God's mercy, so the best way to draw others to faith is to show His mercy working through our deeds. Chris Sicks shows a wonderful grasp of Scripture and demonstrates how a biblical pattern can be reflected in our witness. John Frame | Reformed Theological Seminary

hunter 2

Lots of us have been waiting for a fresh voice to shine renewed light on the old, tired evangelistic debate between words and deeds. Thank God for Tangible!
Bishop Todd HunterChristianity Beyond Belief

hirsch 2

Tangible provides clear biblical understanding of the meaning and implications of goodness...for both human thriving and the extension of the mission of Jesus in the world. Alan Hirsch | The Forgotten Ways

brown 2

In a world full of physical and spiritual poverty, Tangible encourages us toward a life and ministry of mercy that affirms the authenticity of Jesus. Carrie Brown | div. training coordinator | Young Life

olasky 2

In Tangible, Chris Sicks illuminates the great biblical balance of show and tell in mercy ministry. He explains succinctly why we need both "word people" and "deed people." Marvin Olasky | editor in chief | World News Group

perry 2

I gladly pass along Chris' clear description of the place of mercy in gospel ministry, not only because his reasons are biblical, but because God's mercy is real in Chris' life. Greg Perry | Covenant Seminary

green 2

In his insightful and challenging new book, Chris Sicks discusses how a proper understanding of
theology leads to a proper response.
Mark Green | president | White Horse Inn

cavey 3

Jesus was crystal clear: His followers must not fall into hypocrisy by divorcing beliefs from actions. Chris Sicks echoes His prophetic challenge... Bruxy Cavey  | The Meeting House | The End of Religion

ortiz 2

This important work by Chris Sicks is what we call in the city "apologetics on the street.” Chris provides a biblical call to mercy that infuses the Word with the tangible acts of care for the broken. Manuel Ortiz | Biblical Seminary | Westminster Seminary

Fikkert 2

This book makes a convincing biblical case for a holistic apologetic that is essential for the effective witness of the church in the 21st Century, and indeed throughout the ages. Brian Fikkert | When Helping Hurts

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When my son was six years old, he told me: “I want to give my friend George some of my Star Wars Legos.” I replied, “That’s great!” Then he said, “But there's sin in my heart that doesn't want me to give them!” That’s a universal dilemma, don’t you think? … [Read More...]

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